Manufacturing workers' are at a greater risk of industrial disease, accidents and impairment than almost every other category of worker.

That’s why the AMWU has partnered with St Johns Ambulance Australia to provide first aid training courses for members. To help you aid your career.

It’s not always easy to invest in this kind of training, which is why with 16 courses to choose from and a list of kits and products, we’ve made sure these courses are accessible and affordable, offered at a reduced rate for AMWU members.

Every day, AMWU members face risk in the workplace. Whether you’re working in a factory or a construction site, whether you are working as a food processor or a printer; across the diverse membership of our union, you are working in environments and with equipment that can cause serious harm.

These risks vary across a number of professions and industries but one thing remains the same, every worker deserves the right to come home at the end of the day.

Why St John Ambulance?

St John Ambulance Australia has over 130 years of experience as the leading provider of first aid training with nearly 500,000 participants annually. They are internationally recognised as a First Aid Trainer and their courses use the latest techniques to meet both international and Australian standards. 

5 Ways a St. John Ambulance First Aid Course Can Help You

  1. Boost your CV and give yourself an edge in the workforce. St John’s courses are internationally recognised.
  2. Earn a better hourly rate by allowing you to nominate as your work-site’s First Aid Officer.
  3. Make sure your workplace is safe and injury -free. Statistics prove you are less likely to be exposed to a hazard or suffer an injury in a unionised workplace where safety comes first.
  4. Be educated, equipped and prepared to provide first aid anywhere, whether it’s in your home, at work or at a local footy match.
  5. Boost your confidence in an emergency. Having basic first aid knowledge can give you confidence that should an accident occur you KNOW what you can do to help.

Available Courses

About the AMWU

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union fights for a fair deal for Australian workers – both at work and in the community. We believe in a fair and equal society of all, with the provision of public social services including education and health care and of dignity in retirement.

We represent tens of thousands workers in all areas of manufacturing around Australia.

The AMWU aims to ensure our members receive the pay, conditions, safety and respect they deserve at work. We also offer a range of services and benefits for members, including free legal representation, emergency transport cover, funeral benefit, discount holiday accommodation, discounts on cars, and much more.

Workplace Health and Safety

Generations of AMWU members have fought for and won safer working conditions but workplace accidents remain a real threat.

According to the ABS: 4.3% of all Australian workers experience a work-related injury or illness every year, and that number rises to 8.2% for workers in manufacturing.

Health and safety needs to be a priority of every workplace because everybody has the right to come home at the end of the day, and becoming a qualified First Aid Officer is an important way to make sure that they do.